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Revision Policy has put in place a revision policy to ensure that our Customers have multiple options when they are not completely satisfied with the final product received. Our main goal is to give 100% high quality services to enable their academic excellence. What makes us happy is a Customer who receives our pieces and puts on a broad smile. Yet we’re trying to meet expectations of each and every client!

For this reasons, we have put in place a fair revision policy for the Customers who feel a paper is not written according to the standards he or she wishes for.

Here are the main highlights of our revision policy:

Instructions are very important when it comes to writing. Where clear instructions are provided in the initial order, there will be hardly any reason for a Customer to request for a revision. But in case there is change in the instructions, writers gladly accept to carry out a series of revisions until a Customer is satisfied. What is important is that the instructions do not deviate from the ones in the initial order. might have to charge the Customers. This is considered as completely turning the paper around with new instructions that differ from the ones stated in the original one. Customers can simply place another order with new instructions. Through the Customer Support Team, Customers can find out new revision costs before they request for one.

Customers think it’s all over when reading the first highlight. But as long as the instructions do not deviate from the original order, revisions are done for free. No additional charges does accumulate on Customers.

Please, note that has provided a specific time frame for revision requests.

Customers have been given a 7 days deadline to request for revisions on their papers. An elapse of this time frame, revisions will not be done for free. Customers will have to pay for additional charges through an enquiry from the Customer support. If you’d like to take the max out of our revision policy, take note of the time frame and place your request early!

Revision can be done by a separate writer and not the one who was officially assigned. The writer might not have written up to the standards as requested by the Customer. You can request for another writer to revise the work. Only where the writer failed to observe original instructions, will the Customer have another writer revise the paper.

Any Customer who reads the above revision policy highlights and accepts, takes it that you will comply accordingly. main business is to write in accordance with client’s needs. Any form of low quality papers will not be tolerated. Writers will handle several revisions until the Customer is satisfied with the end product as is committed to meeting Customer expectations. That is the only way you will wish to come back to us for any other future assignments. But this is not all for our revision policy. Of course, if it is our writers fault, there is no discussion, takes full responsibility.

Provided are situations that Customers must get familiarized with before placing the order with our Company and be fully eligible for a free revision. In other cases, stated below, additional payments will be applied for revising your paper.

If you request for revision with new instructions that contradict with the ones in the original order, you do not qualify for a free revision. Our Quality Assurance Department goes ahead to see the kind of instructions provided. Customers should take note of this and provide descriptive instructions when placing the initial order.

Our Customer Support Department works 24/7 If would like to request a revision use our toll free lines, live chat, email or the messaging system. Our team will answer all the inquiries. Go ahead and formalize your revision instructions by writing a revision request via email or through chat. Non-written revision requests will not be taken into consideration!

The following are highlights that inform Customers where additional payments will be necessary.

  • In instances, when a Customer adds extra guidelines for the writer after he has embarked on the writing process, additional payments will be requested. Our writers will have to stop the process and read the additional instructions in order to produce the paper up to your demand. The time and extra effort our writers will use results into additional charges from the Customer.
  • When your professor gave you additional instructions or sent new comments for the assignment. In case this happens, our writers will be willing to implement such changes. If the supplied instructions require additional pages, Customers will have to pay an extra amount. This should be done through clear communication with our Customer Support Team.
  • urges Customers to always be extremely careful when providing instructions in their orders. This is to prevent them of any delays and give writers ample time to complete the order. In case you have mistakenly failed to provide the right information and did not contact us within two hours after the payment procedure, some additional fees might be required. You are liable to full responsibility for these inconveniences as the Company gives you time to check on your order.
  • Where a Customer needs revision to be done using very specific resource material, he or she should make it available to the writer. Otherwise the writer will remain in a fix until the material is paid for by the Company. Failure to do this will amount to a separate charge by the Company.
  • Our Customer support team is super efficient. Where our writers have questions, they will not hesitate to ask the Customers. Where any form of communication was extended to the Customer via phone, email or the messaging system and the Customer has failed to reply and provide additional guidelines in a timely manner, additional charges apply. The writers will not halt the paper but use independently found materials. Customers are called upon to submit an additional bill for the purpose of the new resource material acquired.

Please note that is a legit and professional service and we always try to make sure you stay satisfied with the product delivered. There are numerous cases when free revisions are granted to our Customers, but you should take note of all the provisions stated above.

Revision policy time frame

Once Customers are delivered with their products, gives them a specific time frame to issue revision requests. Once it is delivered to your email and you’d like to requests a revision, it takes only 7 days for it to succeed. For Customers whose orders took more than 20 pages, the time frame is increased up to 14 days. assumes that Customers who have approved their papers are fully satisfied with the product delivered and shall not be eligible for any free revisions.

A Customer who wishes to place an order after the approval can do so via our Support Team. Customers will have to place a new order under the category of Editing and Proofreading. adheres to the time frame that is set for revisions. Once the writers complete an assignment, Customers can download it from their personal account or receive via the email.

Our revision policy is detailed and all our Customers must read it to avoid any misunderstandings. makes it clear that they will offer free revisions, but with the correct procedure used. The revision policy must be understood and taken in account by each and every Customer to avoid any misunderstandings with the Company.